Pastor Stephen Leavitt

10:00 AM Sunday Service
120 Front Street (New Outlook Teen Center), Exeter, NH

We are...
  • A Bible-Believing and Teaching Church
  • A Simple Church
  • A God-Glorifying Church
  • A Worshipping and Praying Church
  • A Place for You
  • A Place Proclaiming "In God We Trust"

Read these thoughts out loud:

  • The Bible is the only standard for truth
  • God is the only All Holy One and He alone is the source of holiness
  • Salvation is by grace alone, through faith
  • Faith is a gift of God and comes by the Word of God
  • Jesus Christís sacrifice was offered once and is sufficient for all
  • There is one mediator between God and man, Jesus Christ
  • Jesus Christ alone offers salvation
  • God hates idolatry -- putting other gods above the one true God is the root of all sin

Do these thoughts contradict what you have always understood to be the case?  Is your belief system more complicated than this?  If these statements are true, what would that mean for you?

At The Community Church @ Exeter we hold to these teachings.  We donít add a lot, as we let the Word of God (the Bible) speak for itself.  And it does that clearly!

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